DiATOME Histo Diamond Knives

  • Eye
    Eye of A. peroni: photographic sequence of some semithin sections of a complete serie through the eye. L = lens RE = retina
    Michael J.F. Blumer, Institut für Zoologie, Universität Wien.
    Reprinted from: Ribbons of semithin sections: an advanced method with a new type of diamond knife. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 120 (2002 11-16), with permission from Elsevier.
  • Rat Bone
    Nondecalcified rat bone., Scale: 35 mm = 100µm. Daniel Studer, Anatomisches Institut, Bern.
  • Rabbit Joint
    E. B. Hunziker, M. E. Müller Institute for Biomechanics, University of Bern. Rabbit joint, calcified cartilage/bone. X760
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