Preparation for Light and Electron Microscopy

Over the last decade Electron Microscopy Sciences and Diatome Diamond Knives have sponsored and participated in workshops covering a wide range of preparation techniques for electron microscopy and light microscopy. Subjects have included materials microscopy and ultramicrotomy, TEM Specimen Preparation, Cryo-Techniques, and Immunogold Labeling.

The faculty includes leading experts. Previous workshops have been taught by:

Tom Malis with 30 years of experience in applied TEM, he is an international leader in the field of materials ultramicrotomy.

Helmut Gnaegi, with Diatome since 1970, developed the technique for making diamond knives for ultramicrotomy.

Bob Vastenhout from Dow Benelux B.V. has taught many materials workshops worldwide. He specializes in ultramicrotomy of polymeric materials; trimming and block staining; sectioning for optical microscopy, SEM, TEM, and AFM; and OsO4and RuO4 staining.

Peter van de Plas from Aurion Reagents contributed to the development of product applications and designed the Immunogold Silver Staining workshop.

Paul Verkade from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany.

Future Courses

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