Cryo Immuno Knife Handling and Use


Cryo Immuno Diamond Knife


Cryo Immuno Diamond Knives
  Setting the clearance angle.
Mounting the cryotrim diamond blade and the knife.
Distance of electrode-knife approx. 25mm.
  Tightening all set screws.



cryo trim trimming blade

Trimming with the cryotrim 45 diamond blade: ionizer on Pos. 10.


Start sectioning with the cryo immuno knife: ionizer on Pos. 10, distance of electrode - knife approx. 10mm.
After 2 - 3 sections: distance of electrode approx. 25mm.


Cryo Immuno Diamond Knives

If sections lift up from the knife surface: reduce voltage.


Cryo Immuno Diamond Knives

If sections stick at the cutting edge: increase voltage.


Cryo Immuno Diamond Knives


Cryo Immuno Diamond Knives
  Manipulating sections with an eyelash: ionizer on Pos. 2.   Use special care when picking-up the sections:
Do not touch the cutting edge with any solid objects.


Remove knife from the chamber (before heating up!).

Cleaning Diamond KnifeCleaning

  • Bevel one of our polystyrol rods to an angle of approx. 60°.
  • Dip in ethanol 50% and shake off the excess.
    Gently run the rod across the cutting edge without applying lateral pressure.
  • If sections or debris dry on the knife edge:
    Place the knife in distilled water overnight. Clean the knife as described above.