Knife Resharpening

Resharpened DiATOME knives undergo the same stringent optical checking and sectioning test as new knives.

A diamond knife resharpened by DiATOME is the same high quality as a new one!

During resharpening a knife may be reworked into another type (ultra to cryo, 45° to 35°, etc).

We let you choose: You may have your knife resharpened, or exchanged against a new one. In the exchange service, a type change is possible (ultra to cryo, 45° to 35°, small knives to large ones, etc). This, of course, includes changing the boat to your desired style.

When we resharpen your diamond knife we restore it to its original condition.

Your resharpened DiATOME knife will have the same length, and the identical cutting edge and carry the same exact guarantee of quality as the day it first left our factory.

We are the only manufacturer that guarantees that after a resharpening, the knife will be the same flawless quality as the knife you originally purchased. Other manufacturers state that during their resharpening process, the diamond may become smaller (up to 5% of its original length). With our advanced techniques in resharpening you will never, and we mean never, lose any diamond length.

Any DiATOME knife can be resharpened an "UNLIMITED" number of times due to the following reasons:

  • The cutting edge of the diamond knife is on the narrow side of the rectangular cut diamond, leaving the large part of the stone as a resharpening reserve.
  • Special attention is given to minimizing the amount of grind off to the diamond during the resharpening process.